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Nov 20 2007

Homosexual Activist Wishes ‘RFFV’ Well, then Calls Us ‘Mean’

Well, Republicans For Family Values has already attracted the attention of some homosexual activist bloggers. Jeremy Hooper of the “Good As You” blog wishes us success, albeit with his usual bitter twist. Thanks, Jeremy, sort of….

Hooper writes on learning of RFFV (emphasis added):

We actually couldn’t be happier! After all, it takes a village to make the “pro-family” social conservatives and their political heroes look mean-spirited, discriminatory, and out-of-touch with American ideals. Thanks to Peter’s new foray, we’ll have another voice who’ll highlight just how crazy we’d all have to be in this country to even consider another president who caters to the true radical extremists of this world: those who have hijacked morality and placed themselves on a moral pedestal to which homosexuals and Democrats can never reach.

Love the subtlety. I suppose this is Jeremy’s version of re-stating the liberal bumper-sticker message: “Mean People Suck.” Half of liberal argumentation comes down to that. Yep, because we assert that homosexual behaivor is always wrong, we’re “mean,” discriminatory, and — oh yes — truly radical extremists. Ouch. Maybe Hooper should have named his site, “Better Than You,” to reflect the escalating hubris of the ‘GLBT’ movement.

I wonder, can the Left make a case that proud homosexuality is compatible with America’s Judeo-Christian tradition without resorting to name-calling and petty insults? (Or maybe they prefer to attempt to make a rational case for overturning our religiously-informed sexual values system.) Calling someone mean or extreme for holding a traditional, even Biblical, position — e.g., keeping marriage as man-woman — does not cut it as an argument.

Historically, we mean-spirited, extremist, right-wing discriminators have a basis for asserting that state-sanctioned homosexual relationships and legalized “same-sex marriage” are a revolutionary departure from Western legal tradition. Ditto for “civil rights” based on homosexual “orientation” (itself a novel concept, historically speaking).  On what basis do homosexual activists label defenders of our Judeo-Christian tradition as ‘extreme’?

Have at it, Jeremy.  Or just keep calling us mean and extreme. That seems to be working for you. —Peter LaBarbera

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Nov 15 2007

Sen. Clinton, Pastor Rick Warren, Will You Deal with THIS (American) HIV/AIDS Crisis?

hillary-clinton.jpgI posted the following note in reponse to a “One News Now” (American Family Association news service) article about Sen. Hillary Clinton accepting an invitation to speak at Pastor Rick Warren’s upcoming Global AIDS Summit at Warren’s Saddleback Church:

I hope this conference deals with an important aspect of the AMERICAN HIV/AIDS crisis, too. Incredible as it may seem, 24/7 homosexual bathhouses where men go for anonymous sexual liaisons with other men are flourishing in big cities across the nation. Will Pastor Warren and Hillary Clinton condemn these sex clubs and offer a plan to shut them down? These bathhouses — advertised heavily in the gay media and on gay “hook-up” websites, present an extra danger to women in that they are frequented by men — some married — who do not identify as “gay” but engage in sex with other men. These men with a homosexual problem present a danger to their unknowing female spouses by serving as a conduit for HIV transmission. There is simply NO REASON this far into the AIDS crisis not to have these bathhouses shut down. Please, Mr. Warren, use your great influence to deal with this crisis right here in the USA!

Peter LaBarbera, Republicans For Family Values ( For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also founder and president of Americans For Truth (

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Nov 12 2007

Log Cabin Romney Ad Ignores Homosexuality and Calls Pro-Lifers ‘Religious Extremists’

Check out this anti-Romney ad created by the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans which, strangely, does not mention Romney’s flip-flops on homosexuality. We agree with Log Cabin that Romney is a political chameleon, but it’s odd that Log Cabin chose to highlight issues other than the one that defines their organization.

Perhaps the LCR strategists understood that drawing attention to Romney’s support for a Federal Marriage Amendment would actually help him among Iowa voters. Regardless of the reason why, Log Cabin’s current and past support for “pro-choice” Republicans shows them to be the liberal special interest group that they are.

So if you’re a pro-life Republican, you’re a “religious extremist”? That’s pure bigotry and the sort of demonization we’re used to from the Left, not “conservatives” (as the Log Cabinites often claim to be). Republicans would be as foolish to drop their principled pro-life platform defending the unborn as they would be to embrace pro-homosexual “civil unions” or “same-sex marriage.” — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. After the spot plays, you can click on the various bottom images to watch coverage of the Log Cabin ad by major network news shows:


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Nov 07 2007

John Haskins Discusses Gov. Mitt Romney’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Order to Award ‘Gay Marriage’ Licenses in Mass.

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mitt-romney.jpg There is great angst among pro-family activists who have led the fight against homosexual activism about Mitt Romney’s liberal social record — that is, the one he is now running away from. The most principled pro-family activists in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts are the most troubled by his presidential candidacy. They don’t trust him.

And neither do homosexual activists like the Log Cabin Republicans, which is running anti-Romney ads in Iowa highlighting his flip-flog on abortion and gun control. Funny how the TV ad that Log Cabin produced says absolutely nothing about homosexuality (ostensibly their defining issue), although it does use their code-word for bashing Christian conservatives: “religious extremists.”

Listen HERE to John Haskins of the Parents Rights Coalition in Massachusetts explain how then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney made the unnecessary and, Haskins reminds us, illegal decision to pass out “same-sex marriage” licenses. Haskins explains how Romney’s “gay marriage” act violated the state constitution and, perhaps most shockingly, fulfilled a 2002 campaign promise he made to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republican activists not to lead the charge against homosexual “marriage” — as the New York Times reports HERE. (The New York Times story is a devastating revelation of Romney’s late conversion to crusader against “same-sex marriage”/”civil unions.”)

To listen to Chicago talk show host and FOX News contributor Sandy Rios’ interview with Haskins, click HERE. Parents Rights Coalition is affiliated with MassResistance. — Peter LaBarbera

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Nov 04 2007

Welcome to the Republicans For Family Values Blog

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Welcome to the brand new blog and informational news and commentary site, Republicans For Family Values (RFFV; write us at We are dedicated to supporting pro-natural-family and pro-life values in the GOP, fulfilling the party’s conservative platform. We will stand for the sanctity of life and marriage, and oppose all efforts within the GOP to support counterfeit rights such as the supposed “right to choose” to abort innocent unborn babies, and counterfeit “civil rights” based on changeable homosexual behavior.

RFFV will oppose and expose groups like Republicans For Choice, Republican Unity Coalition and Log Cabin Republicans, which promote destructive anti-life and pro-homosexuality ideologies (masquerading as conservatism) within the GOP.

The RFFV website is published and edited by Peter LaBarbera, longtime pro-family advocate and president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), based outside Chicago. However, unlike AFTAH, a tax-exempt non-profit group, Republicans For Family Values blog has total freedom to report and comment on the presidential campaign and other races. We shall use this freedom to provide you with critical information on the comments and positions of Republican candidates, but also Democrats, Independents and Libertarians.

You can rest assured that RFFV will be nobody’s political toady in this or any election. LaBarbera has a well-established record of “calling ’em like he sees ’em,” which has earned him plenty of enemies in the liberal Republican camp, but also among some compromising “pro-family” types who, sadly, occasionally put loyalty to the GOP above pro-life and pro-family principles.

Frankly, we are sick and tired of Republicans who count on the support of the GOP’s hard-working, pro-life and pro-family grassroots but then refuse to discuss the pro-life cause or defend the natural family on the campaign trail. Once in office, precious few Republicans energetically and creatively defend these noble values in office. Many Republicans, even some pro-lifers, now see homosexual issues as the “third rail” of American politics — thereby negating their opportunity to stand for truth and religious freedom on that crucial moral issue.

We believe that the Left’s advocacy for killing unborn children and radicaly redefining God-ordained marriage and the natural family unit go hand-in-hand. Defending life without opposing the homosexual lobby’s agenda, or vice versa, hurts both causes and the larger goal of rebuilding a “culture of life” in this nation.

We at Republicans For Family Values believe that God does not favor Republican homosexuality or Republican pro-abortion advocacy any more than the Democrat variety. Having said that, we strongly believe that the media has helped cover up the social radicalism of Democrats like Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Howard Dean.

The Democratic Party leaders have turned that party into a bastion of pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion advocacy, slighting millions of pro-life and pro-natural-family Democrats in the process. The Republicans would be fools to follow suit. Still, many in the media can barely hide their glee at the prospect of a pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality Republican leading the GOP ticket in 2008.

Stay tuned for more reports from the RFFV blog, including our posts on the presidential election. You can write Republicans For Family Values at, or help us get established with your non-tax-deductible gift sent via regular mail to:

Republicans For Family Values, PO Box 2721, Naperville, IL 60567-2721

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