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Jan 19 2008

Romney-Care Lists Abortion as a Covered ‘Benefit’

If this were ‘Huckabee-care,’ Ann Coulter would be writing another hit piece against him 

romney_care_abortion_benefit-2.JPG Abortion is listed as a $50 or $100 co-pay under “Benefit” in the “Commonwealth Care” plan touted by Gov. Romney. Click HERE for the Commonwealth Health Insurance Program benefit cost sheet PDF from which this is taken. (Emphasis added above.)

Hmmm. Abortion as a covered “benefit” under Gov. Romney’s vaunted health care insurance plan (the Commonwealth Health Insurance Program).  How did “CEO Romney,” a pro-life convert, let this get through?

The co-pay charge for this “benefit” is $50 for premium members or $100 for regular members. See the upper left side of page 2 of the PDF link. I wonder if Ann Coulter saw this before endorsing Romney…. — Peter LaBarbera

See page 2 of this:

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Jan 12 2008

Pro-Family Coalition, Mass. Leaders, Come to Michigan to Warn Voters: Beware of Mitt Romney ‘s Anti-Family Record

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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Contact Peter LaBarbera, Republicans for Family Values ( 630-717-7631 

What:  Two Press Conferences – Saturday & Sunday

When:  Saturday, January 12, 2008 – 1:30 p.m.
Where:  Westin Detroit Airport Hotel, 2501 Worldgateway Place, Detroit, MI
When:  Sunday, January 13, 2008 – 1:30 p.m.
Where:  Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI

DETROIT, Mich. —  Mass Resistance  ( and Republicans for Family Values ( will be holding two major press conferences today and tomorrow in Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s home state of Michigan to warn voters about the “real Mitt Romney,” whose liberal, pro-homosexual record is a far cry from his pro-family campaign image.
Massachusetts pro-family leaders Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada, who co-authored the online report, “The Mitt Romney Deception”, will speak at the news conferences, joined by former homosexual Stephen Bennett and pro-natural-family advocate and RFFV founder Peter LaBarbera.*
LaBarbera notes that Romney recently endorsed homosexual special rights (“sexual orientation”) laws for other states — even though the array of “sexual orientation” laws in his own state of Massachusetts led to the imposition of homosexual “marriage” and “gay adoption.”  
“Mitt Romney’s recent endorsement of pro-homosexual state laws on ‘Meet the Press’ shows that he still doesn’t have his pro-family conversion story straight,” LaBarbera said, “Of course, it disqualifies him as a pro-family leader.”  
One of the spokesmen for RFFV will be Stephen Bennett — a FORMER homosexual man — now married to his wife of 15 years and the father of the couple’s two children.
Bennett is a former resident and taxpayer of Massachusetts. He now resides in Connecticut.
“As a conservative, and foremost a Christian man, I am going to Michigan with one purpose: to tell the truth about Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Do not be deceived — Mitt Romney is the furthest thing from being a conservative, pro-family advocate. He in no way represents my pro-family, conservative views,” said Bennett.
“Romney’s record proves he doesn’t deserve the office of President of the United States of America. However, there is one title I’ll grant Mitt Romney: the ‘Father of Gay Marriage.'”
Bennett continued, “As Governor of the State of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney illegally imposed so-called homosexual “marriage” licenses on the citizens of the Bay State  — after refusing to support a marriage-protection amendment years earlier (when he was courting the Log Cabin Republican homosexuals). In doing so, he opened a tragic Pandora’s Box. What the courage-less Romney did in Massachusetts will affect our entire nation for years to come.” 
In Boston, following the imposition of “same-sex marriage,” Catholic Charities’ adoption services was forced to closed its doors after refusing to place children in homosexual-led homes.  Due to pro-gay laws and policies in the Bay State, parents who believe homosexuality is morally wrong are chastised and one, David Parker, was even thrown in jail because he protested his six-year-old child’s public elementary school ‘s refusal to commit to inform parents about in-class lessons promoting homosexuality. 
In then-Gov. Romney’s Massachusetts, state employees were threatened with firings if they refused to accept Romney’s unnecessary and illegal order to distribute ‘gay marriage’  licenses. 
“And yet Romney has the audacity to now recommend these same oppressive pro-homosexual laws to other states?” Camenker said. “Mitt Romney is running for President as a pro-life, pro-family conservative, but we in Massachusetts know the REAL Romney — and the liberal social record he tries to keep hidden from the public makes him a threat to American families and our nation’s children if he is elected President.”
Camenker and Contrada wrote the “Mitt Romney Deception,” (, a devastating report documenting Romney’s liberal record and flip flops on homosexuality, abortion and other issues.  Many conservatives are unaware of Romney’s long pro-abortion and pro-homosexual record — the latter which continues today with his recent endorsement on NBC’s “Meet the Press” of state “gay rights” laws (see “Mitt Romney’s Christmas Present to the Gay Lobby,” at
*For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality.

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Jan 09 2008

Shock Poll: Huckabee Leads Romney in Michigan

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Michigan native Romney trails after outspending former Arkansas gov $1 million to none on Michigan airwaves

CONTACT:   Gary Glenn:  989-430-0652
Shock poll: Huckabee leads in Michigan
“According to the latest Rossman Group/MIRS/Denno-Noor survey, the GOP contest in Michigan is now shaping up as a battle between Mike Huckabee (at 23 percent), Mitt Romney (at 22 percent) and John McCain (at 18 percent).”
“I think the big stor(y) shaping up in Michigan (is) Huckabee’s leap to the top of the GOP field…,” said John T. Reurink, president of Michigan Information & Research Service Inc. (MIRS) newsletter.
The poll was conducted Jan. 6-7, after Romney had spent at least $1 million in television advertising in Michigan, as reported Jan. 2nd by the Detroit News, while Huckabee had had no paid advertising in the state.
Gary Glenn, Midland, a volunteer spokesman for grassroots supporters of Huckabee in Michigan, said the new poll results “will put the motivation level of Gov. Huckabee’s volunteer army here in Michigan through the roof in the final push to next Tuesday.”
“Gov. Huckabee doesn’t have to win Michigan to show well, but the fact that he’s in a position to even threaten Mitt Romney in Romney’s native state is a testimony to how strongly Gov. Huckabee’s message appeals to voters in Michigan and nationwide.”
“Just to stay even, Mitt Romney has had to spend a million dollars on TV ads to buy the support he has,” Glenn said, “but it’s Gov. Huckabee’s heart for the values and concerns of the average American family that is obviously winning the hearts of Michigan voters.”
Glenn said he expected that the socially conservative voters who dominate Republican presidential primaries will continue to move to Huckabee the more they learn about the issues.
“Gov. Huckabee has been a life-long defender of prenatal life and traditional family values, while until running for president, Mitt Romney had a long record of promoting abortion on demand, the homosexual agenda, and gun control.,” Glenn said.
For example, he said, Huckabee helped lead the campaign for a Marriage Protection Amendment to the Arkansas state constitution, while Romney as a candidate for governor in 2002 opposed a marriage amendment to the Massachusetts constitution and Sen. John McCain was one of only a handful of Republican lawmakers who voted against a federal marriage amendment.
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Jan 09 2008

Folger among New Signers on to Letter to Conservatives about Romney

Janet Folger of “Faith2Action” is among the new signers on the coalition letter: “A Stern Warning to the ‘Conservative Elites’ about Mitt Romney.”

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Jan 04 2008

Election Story the Media Missed: Pro-Family Truth Campaign Helped Sink Romney in Iowa

Republicans For Family Values Media Release

Contact: Peter LaBarbera (630)717-7631;

January 4, 2008

Election Story the Media Missed: Pro-Family Truth Campaign Helped Sink Romney in Iowa

Peter LaBarbera, founder of the Republicans For Family Values website, issued the following statement on Mitt Romney’s stunning Iowa Caucuses defeat Thursday:

There is a story the media missed in its reporting of Mitt Romney’s humiliating loss in Iowa to the comparatively vastly under-funded Mike Huckabee: how a dogged “truth campaign” by pro-family advocates –– mostly from Romney’s own state of Massachusetts –– to educate social conservatives on his liberal record on abortion and homosexuality helped seal his defeat.

Much as Romney tried to run away from his pro-abortion and pro-gay past –– and as hard as Romney backers like Hugh Hewitt and Jay Sekulow worked to paper over it and discredit his socially conservative critics –– the truth got out, cracking Romney’s carefully-built facade.

While conservatives leaders tore into Mike Huckabee’s record –– and appropriately knocked him for some past liberal policies –– there seemed to be a kid-gloves approach among most conservative media power-brokers toward Romney and his liberal social record. 

Where were the Ann Coulter hit-pieces against the man who once promised that he could do more for Massachusetts homosexuals than Ted Kennedy?

Part of the silence stems from Romney’s (present) strong rhetoric against “gay marriage,” which obscures his past as a strongly pro-homosexual politician who supported “domestic partners” legislation in Massachusetts and failed to back the original state amendment that could have preserved marriage as between a man and a woman in Massachusetts.

Ironically, had Romney done the Reagan-esque thing and stood up to the Massachusetts judges on “gay marriage,” he’d be a national hero now and running away with the nomination.  Instead he went overboard the other way and needlessly (and illegally) passed out “same-sex marriage” licenses.

Romney continues to equivocate on homosexuality: why are pro-family leaders who have spent their lives fighting against homosexual activism now supporting a candidate who, despite experiencing firsthand the effects of radical pro-homosexual laws in Massachusetts –– legalized “same-sex marriage,” state-enforced homosexual adoptions, and pro-homosexuality programs in pubic schools –– is still recommending gay ‘special-rights’ laws to other states? (Meet the Press interview, Dec. 16) 

In addition to all his money –– and perhaps in large part because of it –– Romney has the backing of some key pro-life and pro-family leaders, such as Sekulow,  Hewitt, pro-life attorney James Bopp and Rev. Lou Sheldon.  But try as they might, these accomplished men cannot re-construct Romney’s liberal social record.

“The Mitt Romney Deception” –– Mass Resistance’s devastating report documenting Romney’s long pro-abortion and pro-homosexual history –– is there for all to see. 

The question remains: will “pro-family” Romney apologists respect the Republican pro-family grassroots enough to stop carrying water for a candidate who is widely regarded as a phony on the very issues –– life, marriage and preserving the natural family –– that are most important to them?

For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality ( RFFV can be reached at, or: RFFV, PO Box 2721, Naperville, IL 60567-2721.

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Jan 04 2008

Richard Viguerie Says Huckabee Win is Bad News for GOP

Here’s a different view from conservative icon Richard Viguerie, who is NOT a basher of religious conservatives like some on the Right, and who is an expert on the Reagan coalition that has led to Republican dominance in presidential politics.  What Viguerie fails to mention below is that among the other major contenders on the GOP side — especially Romney, McCain, and Giuliani — their “social issues” leg of the electoral stool was broken, leading to deep distrust among “values voters” who ultimately fled to Huckabee. — Peter LaBarbera

Richard Viguerie Says Huckabee Win is Bad News for GOP
MANASSAS, Va., Jan. 3 /Christian Newswire/ — Richard A. Viguerie, the author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006), issued the following statement regarding Mike Huckabee’s victory in the Iowa caucuses:

“Mike Huckabee’s victory in the Iowa caucuses is bad news for the Republican Party.

“Mike Huckabee is a Christian socialist. He is a good man, but with a Big Government heart. He is the most liberal of all the Republican presidential candidates on economic issues.

“Huckabee’s approach to every problem or perceived problem is to pass a law and launch another government program. If you like President George W. Bush, you’ll love Mike Huckabee.

“If, on the other hand, you’re a limited government conservative in the grand tradition of Robert A. Taft, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan, you will want to redouble your efforts to make sure Huckabee doesn’t win the Republican nomination. Four years of a Huckabee presidency would ensure that there wouldn’t be a penny’s worth of differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party on economic issues.

“Much has been made of Mike Huckabee’s strong stance on social issues. In the 1970s, we conservatives had two legs on our stool–economic responsibility and a strong national defense–but that wasn’t enough to win many elections. It wasn’t until we added the third leg to our stool–social issues–that conservatives were able to win elections consistently.

“Now Huckabee wants to go back to a two-legged stool–social issues and defense. He would saw off the economic leg. That’s a recipe for disaster for the Republican Party. Economic and traditional conservatives would stay home in droves, turning the country over to the Democrats.

“Conservatives in New Hampshire and the other early primary states had better wake up, and make certain the Huckabee victory is confined to the subsidized ethanol fields of Iowa.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Richard A. Viguerie pioneered ideological and political direct mail and has been called “the funding father of the conservative movement” for his role in helping build dozens of conservative organizations. He is the author of Conservatives Betrayed–How George W. Bush and Other Big-Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books, 2006).

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Jan 03 2008

Gary Glenn: Michigan Grassroots Coalition for Huckabee Same as Iowa’s

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The following is a statement by Gary Glenn, the foremost pro-marriage activist in Michigan, and a nationally respected pro-family leader, who has emerged as a nightmare of sorts for Mitt Romney — by exposing Romney’s egregious flip-flopping over the years on abortion and the homosexual agenda: 

Statement by Gary Glenn following Huckabee’s Iowa Victory

(for purposes of identification only, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, which does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office)
The same coalition of social conservatives, Fair Tax advocates, and blue collar working families who voted for Gov. Huckabee in Iowa also lives here in Michigan.  Even before the boost Gov. Huckabee will obviously get from winning Iowa, four polls showed the race in Michigan to be a statistical tie between Gov. Huckabee and Mitt Romney — despite Romney’s paid staff and million-dollar TV buy in Michigan, versus no paid staff or advertising for Huckabee.
The fact that Gov. Huckabee is in a position to even threaten to defeat Mitt Romney in Romney’s native state is a remarkable testimony to the broad appeal of Gov. Huckabee’s positive message for America.  It is obviously not limited to one demographic group or one region of the country.  Gov. Huckabee doesn’t have to win Michigan to do well, but if he actually beats Romney in his native state, that will be a devastating blow to Romney’s prospects, especially if Mitt comes into Michigan not having won anywhere else.
Michigan is a strongly pro-life state where voters overwhelmingly approved a Marriage Protection Amendment in 2004. In the next ten days, Huckabee supporters will be working hard to make sure voters know the difference between Gov. Huckabee’s life-long record of working to protect traditional marriage and the lives of prenatal children, versus Mitt Romney’s long record of promoting abortion on demand and homosexual activists’ political agenda.
For example, Gov. Huckabee led the campaign for passage of a Marriage Protection Amendment in Arkansas, while Mitt Romney opposed a Marriage Protection Amendment to his state constitution while running for governor in 2002, then later flip-flopped on the issue after the horse was out of the corral.
Gov. Huckabee has been endorsed by Michigan Chooses Life, a statewide pro-life advocacy group, while Romney in 2002 was endorsed by the pro-abortion Majority for Choice PAC.  Gov. Huckabee is supported by pro-family and pro-marriage campaign leaders, while Romney was twice endorsed by the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans.
Where a candidate stands on such important issues is far more important to Michigan voters than where a candidate was born or who his father was..
Gov. Huckabee has also won the key endorsement in Michigan of the International Association of Machinists union, a third of whose members are Republicans.

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Jan 02 2008

‘Conservative Elites’ Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution

 As reported by

Lawyers, Leaders and Activists Issue Warning to Voters:
“Conservative Elites” Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution



The following pro-family coalition letter was sent out this morning 

Contact: John Haskins
508 480-0705

                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

January 1, 2008
Lawyers, Leaders and Activists Issue Warning to Voters:
“Conservative Elites” Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution.

A growing list of conservative leaders are circulating a strong public warning about “the conservative establishment’s aggressive cover-up of the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption policies” of Mitt Romney while governor of Massachusetts. The letter accuses Romney’s stable of prominent “conservative” leaders, lawyers and pundits of gross malpractice, ruthless ambition and dishonesty toward voters.

Click HERE to reach the coalition letter, “A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney” 

It calls on principled conservatives to firmly condemn the rent-a-conservative feeding frenzy on Mitt Romney’s money and the cover-up of his actions as governor — most of which he did while pretending he was forced to either by judges or non-existent laws.  Their letter details numerous stunning aspects of Romney’s record that are known to few Americans. These include:

  • boosting funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren, and refusing to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal right to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality
  • falsely claiming Massachusetts law required Catholic adoption and foster care agency to give children to homosexual couples
  • personally issuing over 180 special same-sex marriage certificates purely at his own discretion, and claiming a law forced him
  • lying about the state constitution by pretending Massachusetts judges have legal authority to create “gay marriage” and using that deception to force officials to issue marriage licenses illegally modified without the legislature’s approval and perform the ceremonies, thus fulfilling a secret 2002 campaign promise to homosexual groups
  • claiming that a law somehow “forced’ him to sign a new law subsidizing abortions at $50 each with Planned Parenthood established as the fox guarding the henhouse; and
  • many other actions in return for campaign promises Romney made to gay groups and the pro-abortion lobby.

“The entire record of Mitt Romney’s political career is that of a man whose Mormon background has no more influenced his zigzagging statements, positions and policies than Ted Kennedy’s or Hillary Clinton’s religion influences theirs,” said John Haskins, of the Parents’ Rights Coalition, who like the other signers from Massachusetts, regrets having voted for Romney four years ago. “Romney’s traveling circus is just political special effects, issue after issue. He looks good, but he’s a walking mannequin. There’s absolutely no core in this man,” added Haskins, who has spent the last three years communicating with law professors, lawyers and judges and documenting the legal malpractice of supposedly “conservative” legal experts covering up how Romney misrepresented the state constitution to claim a court opinion had imposed “same-sex marriage.”

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Jan 02 2008

A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney

Contact: John Haskins

A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney

Through their silence, the elites are assisting a political cancer that has profound consequences for our children and grandchildren

We write the following because we must oppose the deception of the American people by powerful and influential conservatives. Many in the conservative grassroots no longer trust the “conservative” media, lawyers and leaders, whom they see as serving the GOP establishment regardless of the will of the conservative base, regardless of the truth.
Most of us are not allied with any presidential candidate. But we are troubled by the unethical and Orwellian cover-up of Mitt Romney’s role in catastrophic events in Massachusetts, once the cradle of American liberty. Actions he took as governor were beyond the pale. As Romney twice explained to the homosexual “Log Cabin” Republicans, it would take a Republican to enact their agenda ( ).

Attorneys, journalists and pundits must be fearless and selfless watchdogs of politicians and guardians of democracy. This is a sacred trust that is being defiled. Silence about ugly truths, such as the points enumerated below, is a betrayal of the lofty status we claim in a constitutional republic. Pay the price of courage. Tell America the truth.

Phony Pro-Life “Conversion”

Issue # 1.  Mitt Romney established abortion as a “healthcare benefit” in his own government-run healthcare plan at $50 per abortion — after his supposed “pro-life conversion.” ( ) He created a permanent, official government role for an unelected Planned Parenthood representative on the health care board.

Issue #2.  Romney’s well-timed “pro-life” conversion for the Republican primary pulled a “states’ rights” committment out of nowhere to hedge his political bets. His claim that states’ rights trump the unalienable right to life is inconsistent and unprincipled: he simultaneously opposes an amendment to protect human life, but claims to support one to preserve marriage! What happened to Romney’s committment to “states’ rights?” 
Issue #3.  Unforced by anyone, Romney overruled his own Commissioner of Public Health and lied about state law in order to compel Catholic hospitals to issue abortifacient pills — in violation of their freedom of religion enshrined in the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions. Using exactly the crafty political theatre he employed to cover his actions on same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption, Romney posed as defender of the very thing he was destroying, gallantly “asking” the legislature to create a special “religious exemption” for Catholic institutions. Even Democrat former governor Mike Dukakis publicly agreed with Romney’s commissioner of public health that state law already grants a “religious exemption.”

“Gay Marriage,” Gay Adoption and Pro-Homosexuality Propaganda In Schools

Issue #1.  In another flagrant lie about the law, Romney told Catholic Charities’ adoption and foster agency they had to give children to homosexuals even when normal mother-father families were lined up to give them a home. Again, he deployed his standard smokescreen, gallantly proposing a “special exemption,” with a wink of his eye to the militantly pro-homosexuality legislature. Again, he got caught. Former governor Dukakis pointed out that the “state law” that Romney was citing as requiring gay adoption was non-existent. It was merely an executive regulation that a governor can rescind with a few strokes of his pen. Romney was apparently fulfilling secret 2002 campaign promises ( ) to Republican homosexual power brokers whose endorsement he coveted and received. He had sought no backing from social conservatives. 
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Jan 01 2008

Romney in ’94 Video: Would Allow Homosexual Scout Members

The following video shows Mitt Romney (R) discussing the Boy Scouts and homosexuality in his 1994 race for Senate against incumbent Ted Kennedy (D). Note how even back then, Romney was trying to have it both ways on the homosexual question:


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