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Feb 04 2008

Mitt Romney’s Liberal Paradigm Shift: a Republican FOR Homosexual ‘Special Rights’

Republicans For Family Values

Contact: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631;

Peter LaBarbera, founder of Republicans For Family Values (, today criticized GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his “novel pro-homosexual positioning in the GOP.” On Dec. 16, Romney (the alleged “conservative” in the race) told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “it makes sense at the state level” to enact pro-homosexual “sexual orientation” laws.  Last week, CNN’s Roland Martin reported that Romney told him that he opposes “gay marriage,” but supports “gay rights.”

LaBarbera issued the following statement:

Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it on the homosexual agenda, and if he doesn’t get at after serving as governor of liberal Massachusetts — where “gay marriage,” homosexual adoption and pro-homosexuality indoctrination in schools ALL were advanced by the sort of pro-gay “sexual orientation” laws he’s now espousing — then he’s not going to get it at the federal level.

Romney is already using his bully pulpit as a candidate to affirm “gay rights”– even AFTER he’s earned the backing of pro-family leaders who seemingly would have much to teach him about the danger and misuse of pro-homosexual laws. (Note that Romney uses gay-affirming “discrimination” rhetoric even with regard to the Boy Scouts’ ban on homosexuals.) 

I don’t know any serious pro-lifers who are pro-homosexuality. We all have compassion for homosexual strugglers, but we draw the line at laws that would distort “civil rights” to include sinful and changeable homosexual behavior — because these laws will be used to compel individuals, business and even ministries to violate their beliefs and support homosexual relationships (see the Weekly Standard article, “Banned in Boston,” about Boston Catholic Charities electing to close down its historic adoption agency rather than place kids in homosexual households.

Romney is trying to shift the GOP’s pro-family paradigm on homosexuality, and it’s an unwise shift — much like retreating from a principled position on pro-life (e.g., “I’m pro-choice but not pro-partial-birth abortion”). Due to Romney’s potential for being the “Nixon-goes-to-China” president who advances pro-homosexuality agendas in the GOP — I cannot support him.

Why do the same conservative pundits who have assailed Mick Huckabee and John McCain as too liberal, promote the fiction that Mitt Romney – who strongly defended abortion-on-demand and who remains in favor of anti-Christian homosexual special rights laws as a Mormon – is a “conservative”?

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Jan 02 2008

‘Conservative Elites’ Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution

 As reported by

Lawyers, Leaders and Activists Issue Warning to Voters:
“Conservative Elites” Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution



The following pro-family coalition letter was sent out this morning 

Contact: John Haskins
508 480-0705

                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

January 1, 2008
Lawyers, Leaders and Activists Issue Warning to Voters:
“Conservative Elites” Covering Up Romney’s Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution.

A growing list of conservative leaders are circulating a strong public warning about “the conservative establishment’s aggressive cover-up of the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption policies” of Mitt Romney while governor of Massachusetts. The letter accuses Romney’s stable of prominent “conservative” leaders, lawyers and pundits of gross malpractice, ruthless ambition and dishonesty toward voters.

Click HERE to reach the coalition letter, “A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney” 

It calls on principled conservatives to firmly condemn the rent-a-conservative feeding frenzy on Mitt Romney’s money and the cover-up of his actions as governor — most of which he did while pretending he was forced to either by judges or non-existent laws.  Their letter details numerous stunning aspects of Romney’s record that are known to few Americans. These include:

  • boosting funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren, and refusing to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal right to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality
  • falsely claiming Massachusetts law required Catholic adoption and foster care agency to give children to homosexual couples
  • personally issuing over 180 special same-sex marriage certificates purely at his own discretion, and claiming a law forced him
  • lying about the state constitution by pretending Massachusetts judges have legal authority to create “gay marriage” and using that deception to force officials to issue marriage licenses illegally modified without the legislature’s approval and perform the ceremonies, thus fulfilling a secret 2002 campaign promise to homosexual groups
  • claiming that a law somehow “forced’ him to sign a new law subsidizing abortions at $50 each with Planned Parenthood established as the fox guarding the henhouse; and
  • many other actions in return for campaign promises Romney made to gay groups and the pro-abortion lobby.

“The entire record of Mitt Romney’s political career is that of a man whose Mormon background has no more influenced his zigzagging statements, positions and policies than Ted Kennedy’s or Hillary Clinton’s religion influences theirs,” said John Haskins, of the Parents’ Rights Coalition, who like the other signers from Massachusetts, regrets having voted for Romney four years ago. “Romney’s traveling circus is just political special effects, issue after issue. He looks good, but he’s a walking mannequin. There’s absolutely no core in this man,” added Haskins, who has spent the last three years communicating with law professors, lawyers and judges and documenting the legal malpractice of supposedly “conservative” legal experts covering up how Romney misrepresented the state constitution to claim a court opinion had imposed “same-sex marriage.”

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Jan 01 2008

Romney in ’94 Video: Would Allow Homosexual Scout Members

The following video shows Mitt Romney (R) discussing the Boy Scouts and homosexuality in his 1994 race for Senate against incumbent Ted Kennedy (D). Note how even back then, Romney was trying to have it both ways on the homosexual question:


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