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Jan 02 2008

A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney

Contact: John Haskins

A Stern Warning to the “Conservative Elites” about Mitt Romney

Through their silence, the elites are assisting a political cancer that has profound consequences for our children and grandchildren

We write the following because we must oppose the deception of the American people by powerful and influential conservatives. Many in the conservative grassroots no longer trust the “conservative” media, lawyers and leaders, whom they see as serving the GOP establishment regardless of the will of the conservative base, regardless of the truth.
Most of us are not allied with any presidential candidate. But we are troubled by the unethical and Orwellian cover-up of Mitt Romney’s role in catastrophic events in Massachusetts, once the cradle of American liberty. Actions he took as governor were beyond the pale. As Romney twice explained to the homosexual “Log Cabin” Republicans, it would take a Republican to enact their agenda ( ).

Attorneys, journalists and pundits must be fearless and selfless watchdogs of politicians and guardians of democracy. This is a sacred trust that is being defiled. Silence about ugly truths, such as the points enumerated below, is a betrayal of the lofty status we claim in a constitutional republic. Pay the price of courage. Tell America the truth.

Phony Pro-Life “Conversion”

Issue # 1.  Mitt Romney established abortion as a “healthcare benefit” in his own government-run healthcare plan at $50 per abortion — after his supposed “pro-life conversion.” ( ) He created a permanent, official government role for an unelected Planned Parenthood representative on the health care board.

Issue #2.  Romney’s well-timed “pro-life” conversion for the Republican primary pulled a “states’ rights” committment out of nowhere to hedge his political bets. His claim that states’ rights trump the unalienable right to life is inconsistent and unprincipled: he simultaneously opposes an amendment to protect human life, but claims to support one to preserve marriage! What happened to Romney’s committment to “states’ rights?” 
Issue #3.  Unforced by anyone, Romney overruled his own Commissioner of Public Health and lied about state law in order to compel Catholic hospitals to issue abortifacient pills — in violation of their freedom of religion enshrined in the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions. Using exactly the crafty political theatre he employed to cover his actions on same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption, Romney posed as defender of the very thing he was destroying, gallantly “asking” the legislature to create a special “religious exemption” for Catholic institutions. Even Democrat former governor Mike Dukakis publicly agreed with Romney’s commissioner of public health that state law already grants a “religious exemption.”

“Gay Marriage,” Gay Adoption and Pro-Homosexuality Propaganda In Schools

Issue #1.  In another flagrant lie about the law, Romney told Catholic Charities’ adoption and foster agency they had to give children to homosexuals even when normal mother-father families were lined up to give them a home. Again, he deployed his standard smokescreen, gallantly proposing a “special exemption,” with a wink of his eye to the militantly pro-homosexuality legislature. Again, he got caught. Former governor Dukakis pointed out that the “state law” that Romney was citing as requiring gay adoption was non-existent. It was merely an executive regulation that a governor can rescind with a few strokes of his pen. Romney was apparently fulfilling secret 2002 campaign promises ( ) to Republican homosexual power brokers whose endorsement he coveted and received. He had sought no backing from social conservatives. 
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Jan 01 2008

Romney in ’94 Video: Would Allow Homosexual Scout Members

The following video shows Mitt Romney (R) discussing the Boy Scouts and homosexuality in his 1994 race for Senate against incumbent Ted Kennedy (D). Note how even back then, Romney was trying to have it both ways on the homosexual question:


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Dec 26 2007

Mitt Romney’s Christmas Present to the ‘Gay’ Lobby Should End Pro-Family Leaders’ Support for his Candidacy: LaBarbera

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romneygayprideflier2002.jpg Mitt Romney has a long record of supporting the pro-homosexual agenda. At left is a pink flier distributed by Romney at the Boston “gay pride” parade in 2002, when he was campaigning for governor of Massachusetts. According to the “Mitt Romney Deception,” a report issued by the pro-family group Mass Resistance, Romney also campaigned for “domestic partner” benefits for homosexual partners.

Republicans For Family Values

Contact: Peter LaBarbera, 630-717-7631;

Mitt Romney’s Christmas Present to the ‘Gay’ Lobby Should End Pro-Family Leaders’ Support for his Candidacy: LaBarbera

December 26, 2007

CHICAGO, Illinois – Peter LaBarbera, longtime pro-family advocate and founder of the Republicans For Family Values website (, is calling on pro-family leaders who have endorsed Mitt Romney to withdraw their support for his candidacy in light of his recent comments on NBC’s “Meet the Press” supporting pro-homosexual “sexual orientation” state laws.

“Mitt Romney’s Christmas present to the homosexual lobby disqualifies him as a pro-family leader,” LaBarbera said. “Laws that treat homosexuality as a civil right are being used to promote homosexual ‘marriage,’ same-sex adoption and pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren. These same laws pose a direct threat to the freedom of faith-minded citizens and organizations to act on their religious belief that homosexual behavior is wrong.

“Romney may have had a late conversion on abortion, but it appears his ninth-inning flip-flop on homosexuality is falling short due to his strong commitment to ‘gay rights,’” LaBarbera said. (See the ‘Mitt Romney Deception’ report at “Now some pro-family leaders –– who have raised millions of dollars over the years opposing ‘gay’ activism –– will need to explain how they can go on supporting an openly pro-homosexual-agenda candidate.”

LaBarbera said it is “inconceivable after Massachusetts’ twin disasters involving homosexual ‘marriage’ and homosexual adoption that Romney now is recommending pro-homosexual ‘orientation’ laws –– long derided as “special rights” among social conservatives — to the rest of the nation.

“In Romney’s own state of Massachusetts, the state ‘sexual orientation’ nondiscrimination law laid the groundwork for homosexual activists’ campaign to legalize ‘same-sex marriage’ –– which then-Gov. Romney brought to fruition with his unnecessary and illegal directive granting marriage licenses to homosexual partners,” LaBarbera said. “The same pro-gay state law also forced Boston’s Catholic Charities to shut down its century-old adoption agency because it would not pledge to place children in homosexual-led households against Catholic teaching.

“Given Romney’s extensive pro-homosexual record and willingness now to depart from principle on this crucial issue, should we trust a ‘President Romney’ not to reverse course again on federal pro-homosexual laws such as ‘Hate Crimes’ and ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act)?” LaBarbera said.

The following is excerpted from Romney’s “Meet the Press” interview December 16 with Tim Russert:

MR. RUSSERT:  You said [in 1994] that you would sponsor [Sen. Ted Kennedy’s federal] Employment Nondiscrimination Act.  Do you still support it?
GOV. ROMNEY:  At the state level.  I think it makes sense at the state level for states to put in provision of this.
MR. RUSSERT:  Now, you said you would sponsor it at the federal level.
GOV. ROMNEY:  I would not support at the federal level, and I changed in that regard because I think that policy makes more sense to be evaluated or to be implemented at the state level.

Republicans For Family Values ( is a website dedicated to defending pro-life and pro-natural-family principles within the GOP. For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (

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Dec 18 2007

ABC: Romney Attended Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in 1994

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romney_planned_parenthood_fundraiser.jpg Then Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney at Planned Parenthood meeting in 1994, but now he can’t remember going. His wife gave a $150 donation to the leading pro-abortion group in conjunction with the event.

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports:

Mitt Romney attended a fund-raising reception for Planned Parenthood in 1994 in conjunction with a $150 donation his wife made to the organization — notwithstanding Romney’s contention that he had “no recollection” of the circumstances under which his wife gave money to the abortion-rights group.

In the photograph obtained by ABC News, Romney and his wife, Ann, are shown in a yellow-and-white tent chatting with local political activists, including Nicki Nichols Gamble, who was then president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

Nichols Gamble — whose back is the camera in the photograph — told ABC that the event was a Planned Parenthood fundraising “house party” in Cohasset, Mass., in June 1994. At the time, Romney, R-Mass., was locked in a tight Senate campaign with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and was touting his support for abortion rights.

That event, Nichols Gamble said, was the occasion where Ann Romney wrote her $150 check — drafted on a joint checking account she had with her husband — to Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.

“They were both there, and I remember very well chatting with both of them, and talking about his support for the pro-choice agenda,” she said. “We talked about the fact that he was taking a pro-choice position on the issues, and we were very pleased about that.”

When asked by reporters earlier this year whether the former governor had ever donated money to Planned Parenthood, the Romney campaign said no. Aides subsequently conceded that Romney’s wife, Ann, wrote a $150 check to the group in 1994. …

…Nichols Gamble said she”s surprised Romney has no memory of the fund-raising event.

“I can understand that he might not remember the check — it’s surprising to me that he would not remember the event,” she said. “His main motivation for being there was a political motivation.”

Click HERE for the whole story on ABC News’ website

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Nov 12 2007

Log Cabin Romney Ad Ignores Homosexuality and Calls Pro-Lifers ‘Religious Extremists’

Check out this anti-Romney ad created by the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans which, strangely, does not mention Romney’s flip-flops on homosexuality. We agree with Log Cabin that Romney is a political chameleon, but it’s odd that Log Cabin chose to highlight issues other than the one that defines their organization.

Perhaps the LCR strategists understood that drawing attention to Romney’s support for a Federal Marriage Amendment would actually help him among Iowa voters. Regardless of the reason why, Log Cabin’s current and past support for “pro-choice” Republicans shows them to be the liberal special interest group that they are.

So if you’re a pro-life Republican, you’re a “religious extremist”? That’s pure bigotry and the sort of demonization we’re used to from the Left, not “conservatives” (as the Log Cabinites often claim to be). Republicans would be as foolish to drop their principled pro-life platform defending the unborn as they would be to embrace pro-homosexual “civil unions” or “same-sex marriage.” — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. After the spot plays, you can click on the various bottom images to watch coverage of the Log Cabin ad by major network news shows:


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Nov 07 2007

John Haskins Discusses Gov. Mitt Romney’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Order to Award ‘Gay Marriage’ Licenses in Mass.

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mitt-romney.jpg There is great angst among pro-family activists who have led the fight against homosexual activism about Mitt Romney’s liberal social record — that is, the one he is now running away from. The most principled pro-family activists in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts are the most troubled by his presidential candidacy. They don’t trust him.

And neither do homosexual activists like the Log Cabin Republicans, which is running anti-Romney ads in Iowa highlighting his flip-flog on abortion and gun control. Funny how the TV ad that Log Cabin produced says absolutely nothing about homosexuality (ostensibly their defining issue), although it does use their code-word for bashing Christian conservatives: “religious extremists.”

Listen HERE to John Haskins of the Parents Rights Coalition in Massachusetts explain how then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney made the unnecessary and, Haskins reminds us, illegal decision to pass out “same-sex marriage” licenses. Haskins explains how Romney’s “gay marriage” act violated the state constitution and, perhaps most shockingly, fulfilled a 2002 campaign promise he made to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republican activists not to lead the charge against homosexual “marriage” — as the New York Times reports HERE. (The New York Times story is a devastating revelation of Romney’s late conversion to crusader against “same-sex marriage”/”civil unions.”)

To listen to Chicago talk show host and FOX News contributor Sandy Rios’ interview with Haskins, click HERE. Parents Rights Coalition is affiliated with MassResistance. — Peter LaBarbera

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